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In the heart of history


For the charity of Christ urges us on 

(2 Cor 5,14). 

We are driven by the passion for our time, for a new world that is groaning to be born, for a land that, despite enormous potential and progress, cannot close the gap between wealth and poverty, between justice and injustice, between beauty and betrayal.

A style to live by

Interpreting these needs in these times, which are never separated from the power of the Word, in order to be credible witnesses of the Gospel in the present day, inspires FRA members to adopt certain attitudes:


The traits of a community living scattered around the world


Leaven and yeast

What does a community that lives scattered around the world look like? The spiritual traits of the FRA. community are a mix of the insights and charism of Elena da Persico. A living charism for the Church of the third millennium. A community that, like the first community of the Apostles, allows itself to be accompanied by Mary.

Contemplation through action

These traits are summarised in “contemplation through action”, which lies at the heart of all FRA spirituality, as the Statute clearly expresses:


Contemplative through our mission

Like the merchant in the Gospel who discovers a precious pearl, goes and sells everything he has and then buys the field, so too are those who feel the strength and radical attraction for the Gospel, while remaining in everyday life, able to open themselves up to a life of consecration in the specific form of secularity, by seeking out and loving our practical dedication to everyday life in the times we live in.

The originality of a spiritual synthesis

Living a life of “contemplation through action” means combining the desire for a radical following of the Lord with diligent commitment in every area of life.

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The icons of FRA spirituality

Mary Mother of God’s haste to render service to her cousin in need, and the announcement of the resurrection, brought by Mary Magdalene to the “brethren”, in response to the bidding of Resurrected Christ to “go” to them and tell them the good news, express the synthesis of a life in which dedication to God and to our brothers and sisters are united.

The Community

“The FRA do not live in community; each member resides where her commitment requires it; nevertheless, they should feel united among themselves by a bond of deep fraternity” (from the Statute).

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