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Leaven and yeast

What does a community that lives scattered around the world look like? The spiritual traits of the FRA. community are a mix of the insights and charism of Elena da Persico. A living charism for the Church of the third millennium. A community that, like the first community of the Apostles, allows itself to be accompanied by Mary.


In the footsteps of Elena da Persico, the FRA understands the contemplative dimension as a gift to be welcomed, preserved and nourished, as something that does not ask us to leave the world, but to remain a part of it like “leaven” and “yeast” (Mt. 13:33). Contemplation through action becomes the simultaneous and habitual listening to God and our brothers and sisters. Consistently, the FRA member lives her life with particular spiritual intensity and competence through her work, professional life and dedication to history, in solidarity with the poor, in the quest for justice, attentive to the signs of the times and willing to take the Christian “risk”. She does all this with a discreet presence, without visibility, to achieve a fully shared life with her sisters and brothers in each area of life. Some of the most important traits of our spirituality include:


  • obedience to God’s will;

  • apostolic action as a response to the “sitio” (I thirst) of the dying Jesus;

  • sharing the behaviour of the Good Shepherd;

  • participation in the mystery of the Church.

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