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Contemplation through action

These traits are summarised in “contemplation through action”, which lies at the heart of all FRA spirituality, as the Statute clearly expresses:

“The contemplation through action which the FRA member is called to perform represents the synthesis of a way of life in which intense work does not distract from paying attention to God, because the meaning of the action and the values it seeks to achieve is habitually illuminated by the light of divine revelation.

She is driven by the love of Christ, which she feels in the ‘sitio’ (I thirst) of the dying Jesus and in His anxiety as the Good Shepherd”.


Following this spirituality, called to a particular way of experiencing the consecration to Christ carried out through baptism, the FRA expresses the total gift of her life to the one true Lord, by accepting the invitation to follow the way of evangelical counsels on chastity, poverty and obedience in a specifically secular manner.


Contemplation through action in the service of our brothers and sisters is the spiritual synthesis at the heart of Elena da Persico’s insights.

A compelling synthesis, which makes it possible to make every fragment of life into a loving relationship with God.


Like the Virgin Mary, in the mystery of the Visitation. Like Mary Magdalene, in her granting the request of the Risen Christ to “go” tell the disciples, on Easter morning. For us, as Elena da Persico says, this means being a “living visitation” in our everyday life in the times we live in.

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