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About Us


We are women

How can we experience and transmit the beauty of the female identity according to the Gospel of Jesus?


We are women who continually allow ourselves to be questioned by the Gospel and, at the same time, we ask the Gospel the questions that arise from our lived experience. 

In this daily dialogue, we give voice to our deepest desires, we discover that being a woman is a gift, for us, for humanity, for the Church...

Even when we let ourselves get upset by questions for which we do not have simple answers.

We are lay women

How can we live our lives in the world with the complexity of today’s problems as Christians, passionate about the Gospel and all God’s beloved creatures?

We are driven by the desire to share in the lives of everyone, which are made up of joys and sorrows, of complex issues that need to be examined and about which we are passionate and work to help others resolve.

Each of us puts our talent and skills to good use by carrying out our professional, institutional, associative and ecclesial responsibilities with generosity in the service of mankind.


We are consecrated

How can we maintain a contemplative gaze to look at the world as God sees it while living within the exciting challenges of contemporary life? 


The dual passion for God and for mankind has led us to surrender to the choice of radical love: our baptism found its fullness in the choice of secular consecration.

The invitation to consecration resonated within us at the same time as the invitation

to look at the world with the eyes of God and, therefore, to love it as He loves it.

Each and every day, we maintain a contemplative gaze at reality to look for the signs of His will and find the answers to today’s many challenges with discernment and personal responsibility.

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