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Vocational research



We are happy to be women and since we are possessed by a healthy apprehension, we wonder how to fully embody womanhood in the various challenges of our time. We live our daily lives, which are made up of times of work and rest, prayer and study. We believe that safeguarding human relationships in their diversity, in every context of life, is the best way to feel fulfilled as women and contribute to the growth of the society in which we live.


In the words of the Lord Jesus, we have found the credible answer to the meaningful questions that life has posed to us. Our relationship with him, cultivated through daily prayer and listening to the Word, alone and in our experiences as part of the Church: he is the centre of our lives.


A Passion for life

We are passionate about humanity, individual people and the complex dynamics of social, political and civil life. With great enthusiasm, we dedicate ourselves to studying and developing skills for our work, which is the most important place where we serve life and grow as people by putting our talents to good use.

Contemplative through action

Contemplation through action is the synthesis of our lifestyle. It is the centrality of our relationship with the Lord and our familiarity with his Gospel allow us to use our life experiences to develop our contemplative gaze, which always welcomes others, and asks us to question our understanding of reality, to listen and try to look at others in the same way as God sees things. With the questions that life asks us, we question the Gospel and with the Words of the Gospel, we seek the best way to live life.


A constant search

This style of living keeps us constantly “searching”. We do not have all the answers to the questions that life poses, but we joyfully trust the words of Jesus and we use these to question reality. Therefore, we are in continuous discernment of God’s will: it is none other than what is good for us today. What choices allow us to protect and increase this goodness?


In the beginning, for each of us, the Lord’s invitation resonated within to follow him as the only Goodness, the love of life, that precious pearl that we do not want to lose for anything in the world. We said yes, forever, committing ourselves to living in chastity, poverty and obedience in regular living conditions: like an invitation to a dance. We accepted the invitation! 



We love the Church. In it, we are aware that our vocation of secular consecration is the result of the gift of baptism and exists in communion with all our brothers and sisters. For this reason, we feel one with the Church when we are gathered in a parish or diocese, but also, and in a special way, when we are engaged in the world of work, study, social engagements and volunteering: there, due to our vocation, we feel compelled to bear witness to the Gospel through our way of life, rather than merely through our words.

The World

The world, therefore, in all its expressions, is the house in which we feel we dwell with the fullness of our humanity, convinced that the Lord is already present there and asks us to love it as He loves it. With everyone else. We live our lives with professionalism and competence, curiosity and responsibility, with particular attention to a style of service, to people, the common good, the institutions that increase fair living conditions, with respect to the environment as well as the goodness of life.



Each of us lives in our own home, in our own city. We support ourselves through our work, and we are committed to the area in which we live. The FRA community meets periodically and although we do not live together in community, our sense of fraternity is real and it supports each of our lives with a reliable educational path and significant ties of belonging, affection and reciprocal welcome.

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