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A style to live by

Interpreting these needs in these times, which are never separated from the power of the Word, in order to be credible witnesses of the Gospel in the present day, inspires FRA members to adopt certain attitudes:

  • the need to practice significant forms of abstinence, enabling us to experience freedom from things, from possessions, from market logic and making a profit in favour of significant forms of sharing;

  • the need to promote “the apostolate of ideas”;

  • the courage to open up spaces for dialogue on the Christian interpretation of illness and death;

  • the ever-increasing necessity to “network” with all those who are seekers of the truth, with the commitment to translate research into practical action;

  • the awareness of the urgency for dedication in the socio-political and cultural fields.


These are just a few examples and some possible ways of walking through time according to the insights of Elena da Persico, our Founder. During her lifetime, she urged her sisters in the FRA to be attentive to the signs of the times, to remain flexible so as to better adapt to new needs, to be careful not to become set in their ways with respect to the ever-changing historical course of events, which requires words that are suitable to the times and, at the same time, rich in truth.

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