“Searching” is a constant experience in our life.
Sometimes simple, sometimes complex and difficult, especially when one is young and in search for happiness.
But it is God who first calls us to happiness and fulfilment.
“Woman, who   are you looking for ?” are the first words of the Risen Christ.
“You have made  us for you, Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” (St .Augustine).
To search, to be called, to recognize the sound of His voice is a gift of  grace for everybody and at the same time a journey.
In the experience of being called -- experience common to all human beings – hope takes its roots. Many people before us, the Saints, but also every Christian is called to holiness in different ways and forms.

From the beginning of Christianity, men and women have been called  - and will always be called – to follow Christ with “undivided heart”, choosing to be like Him obedient, poor and chaste. For the person called, the evangelical counsels are a special source of spiritual fecundity in the world. The counsels are mysterious signs, witness and evidence of a very strong love that touches even the flesh and needs, like any love,  concrete ways and “places” where it can be lived and shared.

About this love and way of life you will find an outline in the following pages of this “site”: how the love, which is our Lord Jesus, found such a deep acceptance and commitment in Elena da Persico, a woman who was inspired  to give life to a new way to holiness. A way which was approved by the Church in 1947, under the name of “Secular Institute”.

“Virginity and apostolic action” are the words which Elena accepted as a promise made to her, filling her with great joy, when she was 30 years of age, at the beginning  of the 20th century.
This led her to the foundation of the  Secular Institute for women called “Daughters of the Queen of the Apostles” (Filiae Reginae Apostolorum- FRA) characterized by a spirituality of contemplation in action.

To the person who feels the call to devote herself totally to God and mankind and wonders how to respond to it, the Institute FRA offers the possibility of discerning and deepening the knowledge of this vocation.

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