“Discern” in the Oxford  Dictionary is defined as distinguish, see the difference between; perceive clearly with the mind or the senses; make out by thought , or by gazing, or by listening, ect.“ . The definition includes all our perceptive and spiritual potentialities.  
How often we wish we could do it !
The semantics of the term discernment are even richer  in  St.Paul ‘s Letters, where it means to test, to examine, to consider something valid and sound.
But discernment mostly means to be examined and approved by God, who turns our hearts towards Him (2 Tess 3:5). To discern is therefore very important in order  to understand God’s will, what is good, agreeable, appreciated by God and what He asks of us. (Rom 12:2).  

Discernment is, in fact, a basic way to reach a good goal..
Everything should be submitted to discernment, confronting  ourselves with other people, with the Church spiritual teachers, being guided by other  witnesses .
But how ? How and where to read and interpret the signs ?
Discerning God’s will is a hard and delicate task. To help young people to discern their vocations,  the Institute FRA organizes some meetings usually at week-ends: meetings dedicated to listening to the Word of God, to prayer, to deepening some aspects of the vocation FRA, in an atmosphere of mutual discretion and great freedom, yet with the opportunity of confronting other people and various ways of life.

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For vocations counsellors
The Institute FRA has often been requested to present its spirituality and the vocation to consecrated secularity also to priests. Some topics have been:
-How to live the preminence of prayer in today’s complex and hectic life .
-How to bring forth fecundity  in a life of virginity.
-How to be free and poor even if you have to use wealth and or exercise “power” on a role or profession of high responsibility
- How to announce the Gospel in everyday life .

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